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How to choose a good U disk?


U disk products, the most mixed fish and dragon, particularly difficult to choose, as long as greedy and cheap, probably in the recruitment of junk goods. But even if it is a big brand, it is also graded, graded, the lowest end of the goods, chip quality is also poor, the advantage is cheap. To buy a truly reliable U-disk, remember to choose a high-speed product. Because poor chips can’t read and write fast enough, it’s not garbage if they can go up.

I have bought a lot of U disks myself, because they have different uses, file transfer, system disk and so on. I bought one for someone in front of me. It’s still good. It’s this:

But I can’t guarantee that it won’t break or that the manufacturer won’t replace the raw material chip. It’s not bad because of the probability, plus the difference in use; I can’t see if I change the raw materials. It’s just that the goods I got are good.

The annual 11.11 online shopping promotion is coming. Many digital enthusiasts have U-disks in their shopping lists. Various brands, different capacity U disk, is also the most favorite product for e-commerce promotion.

With the rapid development of technology and fierce commercial competition, the capacity of U disk is rising and the price is falling continuously. More than 100 yuan can buy 64G. Sixteen gigabytes is only a few dozen yuan, cabbage price. Not a few people buy 128G or even higher capacity U disks. Because it’s easy to carry, a small U disk is worth the first half of the mobile hard disk. Memory prices have risen sharply this year, and memory cards and U disks seem to have risen little.

However, how many people know the secret behind the increase in U disk capacity and the fall in price? The original MLC chip has almost become a TLC chip? The theoretical service life is only 1/20 of the original one. If you don’t want to flash drive data recovery, you must select a better one.

Little knowledge: About MLC chips and TLC chips in the media number of this article has instructions – eliminate mechanical hard disk! Selection and use of solid-state hard drives. Simply put, TLC chips are inexpensive and durable, while MLC chips achieve a cost/durability balance. TLC chips read and write slowly, while MLC chips read and write fast.

U-disk manufacturers, who have joined the ranks of TLC chips, basically include all the companies on the market, without exception. Ultimately, it’s still a matter of cost. According to Xiao Editor’s private observation, 99% of U disks under 100 yuan are already TLC chips unless specifically stated. The rule of « one penny, one goods » is still on trial. Sometimes, even with the same shell, manufacturers will replace chips in different batches and capacities and use different products.

If you’re just an ordinary individual user, choose a brand that’s cheap enough to use, and don’t worry too much about it. But if it’s a business application, it’s better to buy a U-disk with better quality MLC chips. Because we need to pay attention to reliability, the reliability of the U disk of TLC chip is not high. It may not be able to read out at any time and suddenly hang up. At this time, if there are important documents in it, you can only cry without tears.

So, how to select the reliable point U disk?

First of all, it should be clear that manufacturers seldom specify the type of chip of their U-disk products. Ordinary users can not open the U-disk to view, even if they disassemble it, they can not understand it. Usually it is judged by U-disk detection software. In addition, the main control of the U disk is also a major component. The performance of the main control directly determines the performance of the U disk. In fact, it can be so simple to explain: SSD solid-state hard disk is now a large U disk. Because the components are very similar: master + memory chips. However, the master control of solid-state hard disk is much more complex than U disk, and the price is much higher. In fact, it can not be replaced. But some profiteers who use the master control of the U disk to build cheap solid-state hard drives must be careful.

The simpler way to choose is to choose a high-speed U disk. The manufacturer takes speed as selling point of U disk, basically uses MLC chip and high-speed main control chip. However, it is difficult to achieve the high speed of publicity, especially the writing speed, by using cheap TLC chips. If there is no relevant information, it is still difficult to determine, just look at the sheet in the e-commerce product page, someone will post some chip test results and speed test indicators. If you are a « local tyrant » and « not short of money », try to choose more than 100 yuan products.

Interfaces need not be said, the newer the better. Do not buy USB 2.0 U disk, now there are USB 3.1 interface U disk. Some U-disks depend on the speed of USB3 interface, reading speed will be very fast, but writing speed will not work.

Toshiba’s 32G U disk sells a lot, but it’s a TLC chip. It can read 70M +, but its writing speed is less than 20M.

Another example is a U-disk: « Metal material reading speed 150M/S writing speed 70M/S », which can be basically determined as MLC chip. But it depends on the mood of the manufacturer.

Wish you all have eyes of fire and gold. In the promotion carnival, you can buy satisfactory, reliable and durable good products.

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